Bara några dikter

I wish I was a child again,

Nestled in my mother's arms.

I long to hear "It'll be all right,"

As she gently strokes my hair.

'Cause grownup problems can seem too tough.

Hard to face them on my own.

I wish I was a child again,

Nestled in my mother's arms.

I've been so down lately,
I don't know what to do.
I'm always sad and angry,
and feeling lost too.

I know I've acted badly,
over the past few weeks.
I'm trying to be normal,
but it's not always 'me' that speaks.

Sometimes I just sit and think,
about why everything is so wrong.
I wish everything was back to normal,
or that I was emotionally strong.

I know I freak out- a lot,
and I stress out way to often.
I just don't know whats wrong with me,
I'm just glad I have friends that listen.

I know everyone has bad days,
but why do I have so many?
I'm not going to hurt myself,
of that you don't need to worry.

I did the hurt myself thing before,
and it never really helped me.
I think it just made things worse,
and made me feel all yucky.

I don't know who to talk to,
to try and work things out.
I don't want to worry mum,
shes already too worn-out.

Shrinks and doctors scare me,
they are all the same to me.
I think I'll just work myself out,
or hope someone else can see.

I hope I feel better soon,
because I really can't cope.
But I don't know what is wrong,
is there really any hope?

Hur ska man få andra att förstå, vad man önskar i livet.
Kan inte bara låta tiden gå, och ta allting för givet.
Alla tänker vi på olika sätt, att säga något är viktigt.
Ingens ordval är fel eller rätt, tystnad kan inte vara riktigt.

When you look into life,
You don’t see what’s inside;
For you look with your eyes
And not with your heart.

If you want to know the truth,
Then you have to close your eyes;
And open your heart
To see the true light.

Don’t try to change
What was really there,
Just because what you saw
Brought you only despair.

The truth is the truth,
And it will never change -
No matter how much
You try to forget.


Lost in a world so full of rights,
Nobody cares to see my plight.

Born as a child filled with a want,
I am still the female gene nobody wants.

Excluded from society
Here I stand loosing my dignity.

What more could i ask for than a life,
But now I pray for my sacrifice.

Day by day, I am a liability,
I stand now showing you my ability.

I am the child you once rejected,
And now all I ask is for you to take me back.


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